Thursday, 10 July 2014

Post 4 - The big choo choo trip from Puno to Cusco

Puno to Cusco with Andean Railways

On the face of it a ten hour journey on a train doesn't sound like too much fun but it couldn't be further from the truth.

The carriages were first class and the train luxurious. We started off running through the main town of Puno, flanked by cars and buses which was a bit bizarre. The driver 'honking' all the time to warn any cars, people, dogs, sheep cows etc that they better move.

Eventually we got out into the wilds and started climbing. The back end of the train was open and the remainder glass covered for ultimate viewing. Stunning.

We had a band from Puno entertaining us by playing many instruments, many at once, plus we had a dancer who invited Gina up for a wee jig.

They fed and watered us continually before introducing a fashion show, a Pisco Sour demo and another band this time from Cusco. I had to dance this time. I'm sure the tourists were spellbound.

11 hours after departure (the times always differ from the supposed durations) we arrived in Cusco at our hostel.  Tired but happy and a great and worthwhile trip.

Gina here. Well I just love travelling by train and have a soft spot for slow trains my dad having been a steam train driver for many years. The journey took us through spectacular wild Wild West kind of scenery flanked by marvellous mountain views. It was fabulous being able to hang out from the viewing platform with the wind lightly blowing in your face whilst taking in the views. Our carriage was next to the lounge bar and best of all there was cocktails on the menu. Helped us both with our dancing skills.

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